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Guitar / Vocals / Showhost
Guitar / Vocals / Showhost
Founder/Owner of Channel 29
VP Pentalode Industries
Channel 29 General Manager
The Legend Himself
Master of Stirring
Receptionist for Channel 29 GM / Yoko
Scientist / Director of HR
Host of Spin the Wheel
IT Channel 29 / Conspiracy Theorist
Host of Gut Instinct / Sexy Guy
Anchor of NewsCenter 29
Stage Manager at Channel 29
Host of The Hal Berrineau Show
Sharon...Sharon from Accounting
Mayor of East Plains
Channel 29 / Husband to the Mayor
HS Student / Extracurricular CEO of Pentalode
A Sweetheart of Country Music
A Sweetheart of Country Music
The Kowalski Experience
The Kowalski Experience.
Agent for The Sweathearts of Country Music
East Plains Grocery Girl
Bartender / Game Show Loser